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Life in Australia

Study in Australia


Most international students enjoy studying and living in Australia. You will be impressed by the pleasant learning environment here. As an international student, Australian school provides students with a lot of opportunities, services and facilities for self-learning.


Schools develop creative and critical reasoning skills which students will find very useful in academic, professional and everyday contexts. It is very important that students are able to demonstrate their ability to apply theory and frameworks into practice, show critical analysis, and utilise materials learnt through their coursework to make solid arguments.  It is important that students review work prior to lectures. Many lecturers will expect students to actively participate in class.


Assignments are often designed in a way that allows students to figure out how to solve problems on their own or master knowledge learned from that subject. This aims to encourage students to develop their reasoning skills and learn independently.


You may experience culture shock; you may struggle a bit with your English, but with the ongoing support of your university and our friendly staff here at ACAE, you will soon be able to adapt and enjoy your journey here in Australia.


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